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LEGO ® Education is pleased to bring you the LEGO ® MINDSTORMS ® Education EV3 Space Challenge Set and Activity Pack - a fun, structured learning program that will help you meet your Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teaching goals.

  Introduction Activities Special Offer
Challenge Set
The set consists of

3 Learning Mats,
1 Challenge Mat,
Dual Lock tape, and
1418 LEGO elements for building the Challenge models.
On the Learning Mats, students use their academic skills to solve specific tasks as described in the Learning Missions. On the Challenge Mat, students work with the Challenge models an engaging and motivating platform for creatively applying STEM knowledge and further developing problem-solving skills as students develop solutions to the Space
Activity Pack


Along with the Activity Pack, comes a comprehensive training and support system. It includes tutorials, lesson planning and customizable activities matched to your specific requirements – ensuring your success in the classroom.

There’s also a global website providing comprehensive support and a Teacher-to-Teacher Forum where you can create and share ideas online with like-minded educators.

Learning with the
Space Challenge Set
In the Space Challenge Set, there are

1 Basics of Gears project,
9 Learning Missions,
7 Challenge Missions
included in student and teacher materials in a multimedia-content environment.

Challenge Sample 1:
Activate Communications

The scientists want to upload a whole load of raw data to the space base in order to get it up and running. Right now, we can't seem to do the upload!

What we need is a robotics expert who can get the communications station online quickly and effectively. We have been told that you and your team are the people we need to speak to. Do everything you can with your robot to get the station online.

Challenge Sample 2:
Assemble Your Crew

It’s almost time to take off for Mars! It has been a huge achievement and everybody is really proud of you. Now for the next stage.

You need to assemble your flight crew for the journey. One of the most important members of the crew is the flight commander, so you’ll need to collect her from the lunar flight base where she has been preparing for the flight and set her down at the base area. Can you program your robot to do this?

Challenge Sample 3:
Free the MSL Robot

While it was climbing one of the steeper slopes on the Martian terrain, the MSL robot got stuck. Although there is enough power to turn the wheels, the faster they turn, the more they dig into the surface. If the MSL robot can’t free itself . . . then it's up to you!

Program your robot to free the MSL robot from the slope so it can continue on its mission to study the Martian surface. This is an expensive robot, so we need your help urgently!

Challenge Sample 4:
Launch the Satellite into Orbit

This satellite is a key part of the mission and will be responsible for making sure that the space base can communicate with Earth. If the satellite doesn't launch and there are problems with the space base, you could end up with a serious problem.

For this reason, you need to place a broadband communication satellite into low Earth orbit. The satellite has to go into the marked area to make sure that it can communicate quickly and clearly and send a secure unlimited real-time flow of data to and from Earth.

Make sure that you program the robot so that it places the satellite in the marked area. We are depending on you!


Challenge Sample 5:
Return the Rock Samples

The purpose of the Mars expedition isn't just to see if it is possible to get there. It’s also a scientific expedition, so your task here is to collect three rock samples. Two of the required rock samples are from the Martian soil, and a third is from a nearby asteroid called Vesta.

If you get these samples, scientists will have the chance to investigate the rocks in more detail, which could lead to some amazing new scientific discoveries. While they’re setting up their racks of test tubes and firing up the mass spectrometer, program the robot to get the samples and return them to the base area for further investigation.

Challenge Sample 6:
Secure the Power Supply

The space base is nearly up and running. The living quarters have been set up, all the life support systems are connected, and the living quarters have been pressurised, so we will be able to breathe in there. You've all done extremely well and for the first time in days, it looks like this really has potential as a space base.

Before the rocket leaves, there's just one more job that we need to do. We need to unfold and set up the solar arrays, which will provide the space base with power and get all of the complex systems up and running. Using one of the robots that you have to help you, program it to rotate the handle, unfold the solar array, and start power running to the station.

Challenge Sample 7:
Initiate Launch

Welcome to the launch site

The crew members are all here and the pre-flight checks have been conducted. What you need to do is have the launch pad robot press the launch button outside to send this craft streaking into orbit.

And that's where you come in. Program your robot to press the launch button and start the launch sequence to bring the first crew to explore Mars.

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