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  • Green City Challenge(English)
  • 綠色城市挑戰(中文)

    Green City Challenge
    A theme-based set that guides students through LEGO ® MINDSTORMS ® Education building and programming.

    .2x3 training mats,
    .2xchallenge mats and
    .Elements for building the challenge models.

    Use the training mats as a venue for practicing and testing. Dive into the topical Green City challenge and let students solve a series of missions.

    Key Learning Values:
    .Using input and output devices and producing a simple set of sequential instructions linking cause and effect.

    .Developing and testing a system to monitor and control events.

    .Using intuitive prediction tools to get first hand experience with making hypothesis.

    .Using the scientific inquiry process when gathering and analysing data sets.

    .Integrating Maths and Science using physical constants, units of measurement, coordinate systems, min, max, mean and linear formulas.

    .A step-by-step safe route for introduc-ing LEGO MINDSTORMS Education.

    .Use in the classroom or as competition preparation.

    .45 hours of fun and engaging lessons.

    .Includes getting started guide.

    .Comprehensive teacher notes for easy implementation.

    .Structured training activities teach students to program and master LEGO MINDSTORMS Education.

    .Real-world engineering challenges let students put their new knowledge to work.

    .Based on renewable energy, an engaging and highly topical theme.




















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