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LEGO® System for Learning

LEGO® Education's System for Learning effectively stimulates children's instinct to learn. They are motivated to apply their learning in new contexts. That means they embark on a self-directed learning process which enables them to obtain skills and techniques to excel in the 21st Century.

Systems are essential for learning because they are used by the mind to generate meaning from the endless onslaught of stimuli from the outside world. They help us to make sense of things and to build knowledge and understanding.

Through systems we also channel creativity into ideas or artefacts in a way that can be understood and valued by ourselves and others. They help us to express ourselves.

Systems that allow us to build knowledge and understanding, as well as express it, are crucial for learning. We call this Systematic Creativity: the ability to think creatively and reason systematically. It is about making sense of, and leveraging, human experience. It is marked by a strong push to put imagination and creativity at the service of knowledge and reasoning.The LEGO System for learning is unique because it provides endless opportunities to make sense of things and express new ideas.

The 4C LEGO® Learning Frame Work

All LEGO® classes are designed and conducted using the 4C Learning Framework.  Regardless of the stage of learning and the subjects matter, the 4Cs form the backbone of every learning experience with LEGO® Education.



1. Connect

A New concept is connected to previous knowledge with the children at the start of every activity.  They are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas around the creative challenge presented to theme. Their curiosity and interest are awakened.


2. Construct

While constructing physical objects using LEGO® bricks, children simultaneously "construct" knowledge in their minds.  Doing this collaboratively with others, the children get to hone their communication and cooperative skills at the same time.


3. Contemplate

Children are guided to reflect upon what they learned and share insights obtained during the Construct phase.  Facilitating questions are designed to help them gain awareness of the process and explore new ways to go about finding solutions.


4. Continue

Every LEGO® task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned .  This phase is designed to keep the learner in 'a State of Flow'.  The Flow is an optimal state of intrinsic motivation, where a person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing.

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